A Naughty Pie for You

Posted by Chrisi

**I no longer sell pies**

AND I am not the baker that sells pies at Farmer's Markets in San Diego. That individual is using my web address on their Yelp site. Multiple requests to remove the link have been ignored!

Contact info.: naughtypies@gmail.com 

Thanks for your interest!


Anonymous said...

Chrisi! Tis the best Pie Blog evah!! The pix are dreamy...even sensual. oooh la la! The passion is also quite evident in the prose. I believe you have found your calling, or one of them anyway.
And on to business. I would like to place an order for the Berry Minty Pie, please. And also the Nectarine Lime Pie, thank you. So....my big question is: do you deliver? And do you wear an apron upon delivery or sans?
Your newest customer....Rick B

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