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Hi! Welcome to Naughty Pies: The Pursuit for Pie Perfection. My name is Chrisi, your naughty pie maker. Like many of you, I was once intimidated by pie crust. When I worked up sufficient gumption to make a pie from scratch, the process was riddled with problems. Some days the dough was too wet, and it stuck to the rolling pin. Other days it was too dry and crumbly. Initially, the only thing consistent about my pie crusts was that it looked “homely” and not nearly as perfect as my mother’s. But the thing about pie crust is that those five simple ingredients (flour, fat, water, sugar and salt), once united, can detect your fear and sabotage your efforts. If you fret, it’s all over. Pie perfection cannot be obtained when fear runs through your veins.

For me, throwing in the rolling pin was not an option. Homely pies be damned! I was determined to achieve pie crust perfection. During the Spring of 2009, I committed to a summer of baking pies. In preparation, I purchased what I refer to as “The Pie Bible” (see Resources) and read it in the tub. When I was feeling unmotivated at work, I conducted internet research and compared the pie crusts of heavy hitters like Julia Child, Alton Brown, Ina Garten and Martha Stewart. Gradually, I acquired basic pie knowledge and realized that all pie crust recipes are essentially the same. My confidence grew. By the time summer rolled around I was ready… but I didn’t bake a pie. Instead, I baked five pie crusts (see July 24th post). Believe me, if you make five consecutive pie crusts, you will get the feel for it… literally. Since then, I have devised what I think is a pretty decent pie crust recipe (refer to the 50:50 Spectrum Shortening-Plugra recipe) but I’m not convinced it’s perfect. I still have more work to do—more things to try. After all… the thrill is in the pursuit.

After I shared my summer pie project with a colleague, he suggested that I start a pie blog. I thought, “A blog? Who would read it? How would I get started? How much time would it take?” The scientist in me kicked in (again) and I found myself researching “blogs.” Before I knew it, I was editing html code. Why? Because I believe that I can do anything that I decide to do… and so can you! So what are you waiting for? Get off your ass and bake a pie! It’s not rocket science.


Chrisi is a chemistry professor at a public university in Virginia. She moved from OC California to Harrisonburg, VA in May 2010. When she is not focused on undergraduate teaching and research, she’s in the kitchen. Chrisi is married to Superherodoc. They share their house with twelve furry feet, which belong to two geriatric cats and one brown dog.

If you would like to contact Chrisi, please send an e-mail to: naughtypies@gmail.com.

Happy baking!


Anonymous said...

Chrisi! Tis the best Pie Blog evah!! The pix are dreamy...even sensual. oooh la la! The passion is also quite evident in the prose. I believe you have found your calling, or one of them anyway.
And on to business. I would like to place an order the Berry Minty Pie, please. And also the Nectarine Lime Pie, thank you. So....my big question is: do you deliver? And do you wear an apron upon delivery or sans?
Your newest customer....Rick B

natalie said...

I am so jealous of your baking abilities. If I wasn't on a diet or had the willpower not to eat an entire pie I would be trying out these fantastic recipes!

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